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Sewall converts Mount Vernon parcel mapping to ESRI Geodatabase

National GIS firm James W. Sewall Company recently completed a tax map conversion to ESRI geodatabase for the City of Mount Vernon, New York. Using hand-drafted mylar tax maps, originally compiled from deeds and surveys by Sewall division Weiler Mapping, Sewall converted the City’s 11,200 parcels to geodatabase format, modifying the ESRI parcel model to conform to the New York Office of Real Property Services (ORPS) requirements. In the process, Sewall created new plotting routines and procedures for efficient, cost-effective maintenance over the Web. With recent ORPS approval, the City’s digital mapping is the first in geodatabase format to meet compliance in the State, establishing a standard for other municipalities.

According to Ross Testa, Tax Map Program Manager of ORPS, the “new parcel model concept and structure will allow counties to better address their tax map maintenance procedures and make the process relatively user friendly.” Sewall will manage tax map maintenance for the City out of Weiler Mapping’s Elmira, New York, office.