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Seventh annual AAAE Airport GIS Conference & Exhibition

The 2004 AAAE Airport GIS Conference & Exhibition will be organized on May 2nd to May 5th, 2004 in Boston, under the sponsorship of the American Association of Airport Executives. The event is designed to help airport personnel and consultants to understand GIS applications being developed, along with strategies and standards for implementation, from case studies at various U.S. and foreign airports. Special attention will be given this year to sharing data and lessons learned in airport GIS implementation.

The following session topics will be covered with perspectives from small, medium, large and non-hub airports (session topics subject to change):
Asset Management · Environmental · Expansion/Development Planning · Facilities/Utilities Management · Airport Security · Sharing GIS Data · Noise Programs · Pavement Management · Revenue Management ·GIS Standards · Roundtable: Lessons Learned · GIS Problem-solving Exercises