Seven tribes of Britain mapped

Seven tribes of Britain mapped


UK: A team of cartographers, Jo Wood, Aidan Slingsby and Jason Dykes, created a map as part of their work at City University London’s giCentre. The map beautifully visualises the “Seven Social Tribes of Britain”, combining postcode information with demographic data from the government.

The seven tribes of Britain visualised on the map are: Blue Collar Communities, City Living, Countryside, Prospering Suburbs, Constrained by Circumstances, Typical Traits and Multicultural.

The map emphasises different types of people and their concentration in different areas of the country, unlike traditional maps which highlight geography. Each set of pixels on the map is a postcode and is coloured according to economic measures based on census data.

A geographically proportionate map displaying the same data would over-represent large but sparsely populated areas like Scotland, Wales and the East and South West of England. The map shows at a glance that East London is one of the most multicultural areas in Britain, and that the majority of the populace lives in London and the North West.

The map won best paper at this year’s GIS Research UK conference dedicated to highlighting innovative GIS research.

Source: Telegraph