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Serbia sets up central geospatial data system

Serbia: Serbia’s Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic inaugurated Infoterra Geo Information System (IGIS), a central geospatial data system, at the Serbian Geodetic Authority centre. Dulic stated that Serbia is the first in the region to open such centre and will provide assistance to neighbouring countries so that they could develop a modern system for geo information.

On December 2009, France and Serbia had signed a bilateral agreement for the development of IGIS system. French government’s Investment Directorate awarded a loan of EUR 11 million, while the Geodetic Authority gave EUR 5 million for the project.

The minister pointed out that the geographic information will be widely used in agriculture, urban planning, infrastructure, energy, mining and in managing high-risk situations. Through IGIS system, the Geodetic Authority will have satellite imagery of the territory of Serbia, digital terrain model (DTM), which determines the height of each point, and aerial photographs of the state territory.

On this occasion, French Ambassador to Serbia, Francois-Xavier Deniau said that his country has decided to help Serbia in this particular area because of the great importance which data related to the geographical space have at the moment.

Deniau added that the state-of-the-art equipment has been secured by French consortium IGN France and Astrium-EADS, which will provide technical support to the Geodetic Authority for the period of three years.

Source: EMG