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Seoul launches location-based complaint app

South Korea: South Korea’s Capital city has launched, a location-based mobile application, Seoul Smart Complaint Centre, which allows users to register complaints regarding community issues that affect public safety and infrastructure. The app was developed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and has been designed to map the reported location and allow photos of the location to be attached and submitted via smart phone.

According to an official statement, complaints registered through the “Seoul Smart Complaint Centre” app are immediately transferred to the ‘120 Dasan Call Center’ and are then directed to the appropriate city service.

Furthermore, citizens would be able to now the progress of their complaints through their smart phones in real time, and an SMS is promptly sent to the user to inform them in detail of every step of the complaint resolution procedure.

The citizen generated data collected through the “Seoul Smart Complaint Centre” app will serve as a valuable reference to be used in future municipal decisions. Frequent complaints in different regions will be collated and used to inform local government operations.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to link the newly-introduced application to the ‘citizen complaint reporting’ web page on its “Seoul GIS Portal “, which has been active since 20 March 2012.

Users can download the application from the Apple app store or Google play store.

Source: Future Gov