Sentinel-1A aids flood mapping in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sentinel-1A aids flood mapping in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sentinel-1A satellite recently provided radar data for mapping the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the radar on Sentinel-1A is still being calibrated, the new information could be integrated into the Copernicus EMS flood maps of the Sava river in the Balatun area in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Flood delineation map over the village of Balatun in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina based on Sentinel-1A data. Heavy rainfall leading to widespread flooding and landslides had hit large parts of the Balkans, killing dozens of people and leaving hundreds of thousands displaced. The radar on Sentinel-1 is able to ‘see’ through clouds, rain and in darkness, making it useful for monitoring floods. Images acquired before and after the flood offer immediate information on the extent of inundation and support assessments of property and environmental damage.

The new scans are also being used by the International Charter Space and Major Disasters, which was activated by the Russian risk management authorities involved in flood response in Serbia. The Charter is an international collaboration between the owners and operators of Earth observation missions to provide rapid access to satellite data to help disaster management authorities.

Source: ESA