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‘Sensors should be deployed around damaged dam’

Kochi, India: Displacement sensors should be installed around the damaged Mullaperiyar dam (located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala states in India) so that unexpected movements within the dam surface can be detected and precautionary measures taken, according to Prof. Hemanta Hazarika, a geotechnical engineer from Kyushu University in Sukuoka, Japan.
It may be expensive but it is worth considering because of 40 lakh people living downstream, Hazarika told Deccan Chronicle, when asked about the possible threat posed by 116-year-old dam. He added that India and Japan has signed a bilateral agreement in May this year and could share latest technology on earthquake detection.
During an international geotechnical conference in Kochi, India, Prof. Hazarika explained, “Since the Mullaperiyar dam is made of lime, sensors can detect deformation of soil. So any unexpected movement inside the dam which may cause damage can be detected in advance.”
Early warning system is not much useful in the cause of damage to Mullaperiyar dam, as the tremors can be detected only one minute before, he stressed.
Source: Deccan Chronicle