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Sensor-based GPS receiver for precision Dead-Reckoning Navigation

u-blox, a provider of GPS based positioning technology, launches a Sensor-Based GPS Receiver (SBR-LS) with an innovative dead reckoning algorithm to provide accurate navigation regardless of whether satellites are visible or not. The Sensor-Based GPS Receiver (SBR-LS) from u-blox containing the ANTARIST GPS positioning engine sets a new benchmark for accurate positioning in areas where GPS reception is hindered. The leading-edge ANTARIST GPS technology is combined with an innovative dead reckoning algorithm to use information from a turn rate sensor (gyroscope) and vehicle odometer for accurate navigation without GPS for extended time periods. Once the satellites are visible again, the GPS receiver with its fast reacquisition time of less than 1 second resumes to GPS navigation immediately. In areas with poor GPS reception, e.g. city canyons, a weighted mix of GPS and sensor information is used for navigation. The SBR-LS carries out automatic calibration and
temperature compensation.

The ANTARIST-based GPS receiver excels with high accuracy, ultra fast time-to-first-fix achieved with 8192 si-multaneously operating time and frequency search bins, low power consumption, high sensitivity, high immunity to radio interference and an effective multipath mitigation scheme. The SBR-LS is best suited for applications where 100% ground truth is crucial: In-Vehicle Navigation Systems (IVNS) working in tunnels and
guiding the driver to his reserved indoor parking place; Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to provide full position information coverage at any time across the entire fleet; and GPS-enabled road pricing allowing flexible tariff models for distance-dependent road usage, tunnel and bridge journeys and managing urban charging zones. The SBR-LS measures 71 x 41 x 11mm, provides an MCX type RF connector and a 2mm pitch connector with two serial interfaces and sensor inputs. A dedicated evaluation kit is available for use in the laboratory or in test cars. u-blox is a company operating internationally with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Germany, UK, USA and Hong Kong. Since its foundation in 1997, u-blox has delivered more than 500’000 GPS receivers worldwide.