senseFly introduces next-gen rotary drone

senseFly introduces next-gen rotary drone


Germany, October 9, 2014: Swiss civil drone producer, senseFly introduced eXom, the next-generation rotary drone that offers uexceptional situational awareness to professional users.

In addition to its TripleView camera, eXom is equipped with five vision sensors for ease of navigation. eXom also includes automated proximity warning sensors, and is made of shock-absorbent carbon fibre.

In another first for a civil drone system, the eXom’s autopilot-controlled TripleView head allows you to view and record HD video, ultra-high-resolution imagery and thermal data. “Since its head faces the front, eXom can fly up close to target structures for sub-millimetre data resolution. The head’s 270° vertical field of view also means eXom can document objects directly above it; crucial for challenging tasks such as inspecting underside of a bridge,” said senseFly spokesperson.

Jean-Christophe Zufferey, CEO and co-founder of senseFly, said “We designed eXom to be unlike any other rotary drone; a fully-integrated imaging platform rather than just a remote-controlled aircraft with cameras attached. This allows users to focus on their work, not on flying.”

Source: senseFly