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Seminar on leveraging GIS for land records management

Redlands, California

Esri is providing free, half-day seminars across the country to help land records custodians be more productive. Professionals in land records who currently work in a desktop, mobile, server, or cloud technology environment and want to modernise their workflow will benefit from the new Esri GIS software capabilities in ArcGIS 10. These educational seminars will take place in April and May 2011.

“Both longtime Esri users and those completely new to geospatial technology will find great value in this seminar series,” said Jack Dangermond, President, Esri. “This regional event is designed to demonstrate the latest capabilities in ArcGIS 10 that greatly improve land record data access, migration, and management,” he added.

Seminar attendees will

•    See ArcGIS 10 tools used in various and relevant tasks and workflows.
•    Learn practical ways to achieve enhanced analysis, access imagery, make use of the web, efficiently manage parcels and apply ArcGIS in the field
•    Discover maps and apps from Esri’s Land Records Resource Center for new, easy-to-implement capabilities
•    Understand how to promote collaboration both inside and outside an organisation.

Source: Esri