Seminar on geographic info in agriculture

Seminar on geographic info in agriculture


Cairo, Egypt

IGN France International, an international subsidiary of the French National Geographical Institute and the Egyptian Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) organised a technical seminar on contributions of geographic information in the field of agriculture, in Cairo, Egypt. About 100 participants from 13 African countries shared their experiences at the seminar. It was organised under the umbrella of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and the Ambassador of France.

The seminar presented a panorama of the existing tools and methodologies to take into account when starting agricultural projects. Those presentations were made by speakers from IGN, IGN Espace and from the French Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to the presentation made by the environment expert from IGN France International.

The seminar also saw presentations on results of the two recently completed projects in Egypt: the ALMA project (Arable Land Monitoring Assessment) and the CIPA project (Crops Inventory and Agricultural Acreage and Yield estimation). The ALMA project allowed the design and realisation of statistical methodology for urban sprawl on agricultural lands and the extension of agricultural lands on the desert, all over the Nile valley and Delta. This evaluation made it possible for Egypt to better control its agricultural potential and to envisage with more precision the needs in products of importation.

The CIPA project includes estimation of agricultural surfaces, yield evaluation, inventory of the different types of crops and the monitoring of the infestation of drainage and irrigation canals by the water hyacinths. This project was achieved using a knowledge transfer which was directed towards the ARC, with the goal of providing them with a robust, rigorous and reproducible methodology, allowing them to later check and update Egypt’s statistical agricultural data.

Source: IGN France International