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Self-driving Vehicles and Geoinformation report released

Geonovum and Geospatial Media’s report on ‘self-driving cars and geo-information’ now available for download.

New Delhi: Geonovum, the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) executive committee of The Netherlands and Geospatial Media and Communications have come up with a comprehensive report titled ‘Self-Driving Vehicles (SDVs) and Geo-information’. The report highlights important aspects of self-driving vehicles ecosystem. It establishes key players of the industry and stresses on the role they can play in the success of these vehicles. This report also throws light on the vital role of geospatial technologies, space technology, geospatial infrastructure, and geographic information for the success of autonomous cars.

The complete report is available for download on Geospatial Media’s website.

The key findings of the report are:

  • Data is imperative for the success of driverless cars.
  • Self-driving vehicles are not only consumers of data but they also act as the ‘on-the-move-data infrastructure’, producing vast amount of data.
  • Seamless integration of multiple sensors like LiDAR or Radar, GNSS/GPS, etc., work in conjunction with each other to make the vehicle reach its final destination
  • A central unification process for data standards is imperative because fundamentally different formats and structures complicate self-driving vehicles.
  • The government needs to play a key role in establishing the protective legal framework to ensure safety, privacy in data sharing, and cyber security.
  • The need for reliable and authentic data on the basis of set standards and structures by the government.

“Maps are going to be the cornerstone for self-driving cars, and the need for accurate information is going to be higher and harder to collect. In such a scenario, the data collected by using geospatial technologies, will be key for the success of self-driving vehicles.” said Rob Van de Velde, Director, Geonovum.

Geospatial Media is also organizing a webinar on Self-Driving Vehicles & Geo-information, on August 10th, 2018. The webinar aims to give insights on the following:

  • Understand the concept and business of self-driving cars
  • Know the current market trends, benefits, and costs associated with self-driving cars.
  • Gain actionable insights on what various stakeholders have got to do in the self-driving cars ecosystem.
  • Find out the role of geospatial technology, data, and services, and how your business fits into it.

If you’re interested in joining the webinar and willing to learn more about autonomous vehicles, click here to secure a place.

About Geonovum

Geonovum, The Netherlands, is an important facilitator for making geo-data better accessible throughout the public sector. The organization develops and administrates the required standards and is the linking-pin between policy and implementation for national geo-data infrastructures.

About Geospatial Media and Communications

Known for its quality publication, insightful conferences and market reports, Geospatial Media and Communications is a global organization that believes in making a difference through geospatial knowledge in world economy.

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