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Selex to Supply Radios and NVGs for Italian Army

Italy: Selex has been awarded two contracts worth EURO 60 million for the supply of SWave software defined radios (SDR) and tactical mobility night vision goggles (TM-NVG) for the Italian Army's Soldato Futuro programme. Under the first contract, the company will supply 2,726 radio SDR hand-helds to the Italian Army's light infantry troops. The first batch is part of the lot envisaged for the next five to six years. The second contract covers delivery of 2,726 TM-NVGs, a third-generation binocular device designed to provide advanced equipment for the nocturnal tactical mobility of the Future Soldier.

The Swave radio is capable of hosting various wave forms interoperable with both existing and future systems, which permits the realization of effective economies of scale for the customer, with regard to logistical support. Designed to display all the information and map data provided by the command and control (C2) system on the eye-piece, the TM-NVG is also fitted with an integrated camera that can return the observed scene to the C2 system. Jointly developed by Selex and the Italian Army, the Soldato Futuro programme seeks complete a modernization of Italian soldiers' systems and equipment, thereby aligning their operating capacities with current and future scenarios requirements.

Source: Army Technology