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Security and Defence Conference at IGN

On 25 March, at the agreements main room of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), was carried out the “Conference on Security and National Defence“, event held through the joint coordination of IGN with the General Direction of Education and Doctrine of Peruvian Ministry of Defence.

This conference aimed to improve a culture of Security and Defence, providing expertise in this doctrine to all employees belonging to IGN, both military and civilian personnel that work in the institution.

Kicking off the round of presentations, the engineer Carlos Castillo Miranda brought as the theme of his lecture ‘The Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Defence’, responsible for National Security and Defence of Peru. Also, the Lieutenant EP Raúl Chacaltana Gómez, addressed the “New Threats to Safety and National Defence“, highlighting social exclusion, poverty, lack of care for the environment, the treatment of people, cyber attacks, weapons of mass destruction, the drug trafficking and terrorism as threats that do not allow the development of a nation, and the Defence and Homeland Security task for all Peruvians.

The morning lecture ended with a theme high important and current “The Strengthening Identity and National Pride”, and the speaker was the Lieutenant Coronel EP Miguel Ángel Olave Zapata, who brought as main premise that you can not respect and love what you don’t know; in this sense, the construction of a national identity begins by knowing and recognizing who we are, our history, our culture and understand that our diversity is what characterizes us, and we are the legacy of men who by their efforts and struggle contributed to the development of our Nation.

Source: IGN