Secret maps show First World War air raids on Britain

Secret maps show First World War air raids on Britain


UK: Top secret maps showing the exact route German planes took on daring bombing raids in England during the First World War have been made public for the first time.

Previously unpublished documents show the path taken by 16 German aeroplanes across Kent and Essex into London during one devastating raid on December 6, 1917.

Strategic bombing raids, more commonly associated with The Blitz during the Second World War, were a feature of the Great War from the very start of the conflict.

Large scale raids on Britain by the Luftstreitkräfte and their Gotha bombers started on May 25, 1917, with a second attack on June 5. The first daylight raid on London on June 13, killed 162 people, including 18 children at a primary school in the East End and injured 432.

Using 150 previously unseen maps from the Imperial War Archives, military cartography historian Dr Peter Chasseaud chronicles how German bombers targeted the south of England in his book ‘Mapping the First World War’.

The book features copies of the original maps used by pilots and their crew from small-scale maps showing country boundaries and occupied territories to larger maps showing the positions of trenches, naval and air defences.

Source: Express