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Seattle SaaS startup, Unearth, raises $7 million in Series A funding to simplify GIS

US: Unearth Technologies proudly announces a $7 million Series A investment led by Vulcan Capital, with participation from Madrona Venture Group. This latest round brings the total funding raised by the company to $11.6 MM.

Founded in late 2016, Unearth initially focused on improving productivity in construction with place-based data management. Their success as a construction software company quickly led to an expanding customer base amongst the broader built world industry, including major players in the utilities, government, infrastructure, and energy sectors.

Through strong customer partnerships, the company discovered what the built world really needed: an easier way for entire teams to use GIS data for building, inspecting, and maintaining physical assets.

Traditional GIS solutions have developed over the past 50 years to be complex, analytical engineering tools. They’re often hampered by today’s standards of cloud and mobile first computing, particularly when used in the field. Unearth solves this problem by bringing siloed GIS data to distributed field teams with an easy map-based interface. Ultimately, the platform improves productivity for both office and field by simplifying their GIS workflow.

“Unearth’s simple design makes it incredibly easy to use. Our team, located across the globe, focuses on reducing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. With Unearth’s GIS platform, everyone can easily collaborate on multiple projects without worrying about the headaches we used to face with traditional GIS software. The diverse toolset allows anyone to easily annotate, share, and discuss aerial maps to help further the mission of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation”, says Grace C. Liu, East Asia WMD Nonproliferation Program, Middlebury College.

Unearth has spent 2019 evolving their OnePlaceTM software into a simple GIS platform with broad horizontal appeal. Their enhanced offering is immensely useful to any organization needing a simple way to manage data tied to a location. It allows teams to leverage the power of GIS without requiring intensive training or costly custom apps.

The company’s strength is their proven team of software entrepreneurs that intuitively understand how to build simple software for complex processes. They’ve leveraged these talents to create a modern GIS tool that’s immediately available to anyone.

“Vulcan is active in commercial real estate and we know how detrimental fragmented data and paper processes are to built-world companies,” says Stuart Nagae of Vulcan Capital. “We quickly recognized Unearth as a veteran startup team that’s impacting these aspects of the industry. Their intuitively accessible, map-based user experience in tandem with their scalable cloud solution creates a seamless connection between key stakeholders regardless of location or device.”

Unearth intends to use the funding to rapidly expand go to market efforts, as well as build out their engineering team to more quickly develop niche industry solutions.