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SeaSpace buys remote sensing wing of Vexcel

US: SeaSpace Corporation, a provider of satellite ground stations and processing software for remote sensing applications, acquired Remote Sensing Solutions products and services division of Vexcel Corporation.

The acquisition will immediately transfer remote sensing products to SeaSpace Corporation including Apex Remote Sensing Data Management System, various Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR) software packages (including Focus, Phase, CALPRO, Swath, Scatter, CCD Map, OrthoSAR), VersaSAR (a mobile SAR system capable of measuring small displacements) and Wireless Sensor Network Node (WSNN).

SeaSpace will sell the products under its own banner. “SeaSpace is excited to offer these newly-acquired remote sensing products to our present and future customers, in order to deliver solutions for SAR and other high resolution data,” said Hyong Ossi, President of SeaSpace Corporation.

Source: SeaSpace