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SDSU proposes Imaging Sciences Institute

US: South Dakota State University has planned a new Imaging Sciences Institute as a way to grow its partnership with the US Geological Survey’s EROS Data Center near Garretson that collects and archives satellite images for the federal government. University officials recently shared their visions for the institute with Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., and Marcia McNutt, director of US Geological Survey.

The new Geographic Information Science Center of Excellence is in the concept stage. SDSU President David Chicoine said it would help researchers keep up with advancements in data collection and storage of satellite images. Students will work with acquisition, calibration, processing, training and leadership, which will expand the university’s role into all areas of remote sensing and imaging.

Sen. Tim Johnson, D-SD, said he is a long-time supporter of the partnership because it continually fosters new knowledge and research, which helps drive economic competitiveness in South Dakota.

McNutt said the US Geological Survey is at a major turning point with regard to Landsat satellites, its role as a server and manager of space information and also because it has been asked to step up as the agency responsible for national land imaging. “The partnership with SDSU will play a key role in providing opportunities for these future missions,” McNutt added.”You can’t really do any kind of observational programme and undertake it with creativity and vision unless it’s done hand-in-hand with a top-notch university,” she said.

Source: Argus Leader