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Scots protests may change weather map as BBC takes temperature

The BBC appeared to be giving way last night to the storm of protest over its revamped weather report which many Scottish viewers believe discriminates against the country.

Viewers in Scotland have been upset because the new hi-tech weather sequence tilts the UK map towards the south-east of England, effectively shrinking Scotland to what resembles a peninsula.

The issue reached the Lords as Liberal Democrat peer Lord Greaves questioned whether the new £1 million weather report represented value for money.

He said: “It is very disappointing that the new weather forecasts manage to use highly sophisticated advanced technology to produce maps which are so dull and drab, and forecasts which themselves have been dumbed down to the extent that there is less information for people who really need them.”

He added: “The BBC weather centre appears to regard Scotland as a faraway country about which we know little.”

Lord Davies of Oldham, for the government, said the BBC was concerned over complaints that the tilt of the weather map “appears to give greater prominence to southern England”.

He told the Lords: “They are examining ways in which they will correct that tilt because it is certainly the case that the BBC have an obligation to offer the same quality of service to all parts of the United Kingdom.”

The BBC’s new-look weather has drawn fire for what critics claim are obscure graphics and a reduction in technical weather information.

A spokesman for the BBC said: “We are continuing to monitor feedback and if there are opportunities to improve aspects of the system, such as the perspective, we will examine this carefully.”