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Scientist finds geoglyphs in Peru

Peru: According to an Italian scientist, a huge network of earthworks, or geoglyphs, is visible in satellite images. The images are of a large area, over 463 square miles, in the surroundings of the Titicaca Lake, Peru.

Amelia Carolina Sparavigna, Professor at Italy’s Politecnico di Torino, who discovered the earthworks, said that the shapes are the result of an almost unimaginable agricultural effort of Andean communities, centuries ago.

“People created a system of terraced hills and raised fields, which were large elevated planting platforms, with the corresponding drainage canals, to improve soil, temperature and moisture conditions for crops. These remains of the prehistoric agricultural system are providing evidence of the impressive engineering abilities of the people who lived there in pre-Columbian times,” she added in her Politecnico di Torino webpage. “Among the geoglyphs there are structures of animals having ponds as their eyes. Other geoglyphs are geometric drawings,” she continued.

Source: Living in Peru