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School buses to provide GPS alerts to parents

Kochi, India: Schools in Kochi, India, implemented vehicle tracking systems in their buses to give updates to those parents who are worried about their wards’ safe journey to school and home. One of them is TocH School based in Vytilla.

Already six schools in Thiruvananthapuram and many in Kozhikode, Thrissur and Kottayam districts have installed GPS system in their fleet of buses.

The system will alert parents as well as school authorities about the route the school bus is taking, its speed, any deviation from the normal route, etc. It will also give drop alerts.

“Parents will get an SMS alert when the school bus is two stops away from the scheduled stop,” said Pradeep Kumar of Ideas & Innovation Squared Technologies (P) Ltd, which is installing the system in school buses.

Even when the bus travels through areas where there is no cell phone coverage, the GPS system sends out alerts which the parents consider as a big relief. For getting SMS alerts, parents have to shell out only INR 25-40 more per month to the bus fee.

Prem Varghese, executive member of TocH School, said the system has been adopted after a successful trial run. Varghese added, “We have installed the GPS tracking system in all our school buses. We did a trial run when our students went for a two-day picnic to Ooty. Right from the time the bus left the school premises, parents were receiving SMS alerts from specific points till the bus reached Ooty. Parents were able to keep track of their children even while they were in Ooty. And they were able to reach the school to pick up their wards the moment the bus returned. On those two days, there were no anxious calls from parents.”

Source: TOI