Home Business Awards Schindler Elevator named finalist for the Franz Edelman Award

Schindler Elevator named finalist for the Franz Edelman Award

ESRI’s Professional Services Division has announced that the team of Schindler Elevator Corporation and ESRI has been selected as one of six finalists for the Franz Edelman Award for Management Science Achievement.

The Franz Edelman Award is a highly prestigious prize in business management. It recognizes and rewards outstanding examples of management science and operations research practice around the world. First prize in this competition is accompanied by a $10,000 honorarium.
Schindler, the world’s largest escalator and second largest elevator company, maintains tens of thousands of elevators and escalators throughout North America. A task force of thousands of technicians is on the road each day to maintain, repair, and help in emergencies. Each technician’s route requires precise and optimised planning. Schindler Elevator Corporation turned to ESRI to develop an automated route scheduling and planning system. ESRI provided a geographic information system (GIS) integrated application that employs Operations Research (OR) techniques to optimise preventive maintenance operations. In this application, a series of algorithms is used to assign maintenance work to technicians and create efficient day routes by solving the periodic vehicle routing problem.

Schindler Elevator’s innovative approach has been rewarded already. The optimisation created by the system provides significant annual savings, and the new tools provide detailed reporting through all levels of management including the vice president of field operations and chief operating officer.