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Scan/US, Inc. announces new Batch Geocoder

January 21, 2009 — Bell Canyon, California — Scan/US, Inc. had announced a new 2009 Scan/US Geocoder, with processing speeds claimed to be more than twice as fast as previous versions (now just 3 minutes for one million records). Scan/US Geocoder can also handle larger files, and includes a full intersection database, at no extra cost, unlike competing geocoders.

Supporting mapping and data analysis, Scan/US Geocoder adds latitude/longitude information to address database. Once latitude and longitude have been added, addresses can be displayed in mapping applications, like ArcView, MapInfo, or Scan/US for Windows Subscription Edition. The Scan/US Geocoder user-friendly interface takes you from start to finish, using an easy-to-follow wizard.

Several map applications are possible:

• See where your customers originate.
• Determine the extent of your market area, based on customer location.
• Map your competitor’s locations.
• Execute site analysis in batch mode.
• Generate demographic profiles for multiple locations.

Scan/US Geocoder appends geography codes to each address record, including state, county, census tract, block group, block, or Scan/US MicroGrid. It corrects spelling errors in place and street names, thus standardising the address data. Coverage includes additional USPS address ranges that do not exist in the Census Bureau’s TIGER files.

The core database includes intersections of highways, streets, and U.S. Interstates, with and without address ranges.

Supported input formats: tab or comma-delimited .csv, dBase/xBase, Mapinfo .dat/.tab, and Excel.

Scan/US Geocoder is claimed to offer unlimited batch geocoding with 3 coverage options:

• Standard national coverage for $3,000 per year
• 8-State customised regions for $1,800 per year
• Single-state coverage for $960 per year

A user gets single-address geocoding, with direct export to Google Maps, Google Earth, Mapquest, or Microsoft Live Maps.