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ScanPoint to develop 3D geomapping software

Ahmedabad, India: In India, Ahmedabad-based ScanPoint Geomatics Limited (SGL) is set to develop a microwave or radar data processing and geomapping software in association with the Space Application Centre (SAC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Business Standard reported. The company will embed it into its geomapping software, IGiS version 2.0, by mid 2012.  

Apart from radar data processing abilities, the software will also provide 3D image modelling abilities that will facilitate mapping for military and civilian agencies alike. As of now, several state and central government agencies like water supply department, agricultural department and land records department use spatial planning solutions provided by SGL.

“India is all set to witness the launch of a synthetic aperture radar satellite in the second half of 2011. We, therefore, intend to launch the next version of geomapping software that will process microwave or radar data emerging out of the satellite. Also, increasingly the defence, central and state government agencies are in need of high end 3D modelling and radar data processing in geomapping,” said Arup Dasgupta, Director, SGL.

The product will be priced at INR 7 lakh for the industry, INR 2.5 lakhs for government agencies and INR 75,000 for educational institutes, respectively. The software will have over 300 applications including advanced GIS analysis, terrain analysis, hydrology modelling, raster GIS analysis, GPS tools, zonal tools, tracking analyst, decision support and uncertainty management.

The software will also include image processing tools for automated feature extraction, object segmentation, change detection and time series analysis.

“We are looking at specific sectors for spatial planning solutions. For instance, we have started providing customised product for the power sector. We intend to provide total software development and support solutions to these sectors,” added Dasgupta.

Source: Business Standard