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ScanEx in agreement with JSC SPC

Russia: JSC Scientific and Production Corporation (SPC) “REKOD” and ScanEx Research and Development Centre signed an agreement for cooperation aimed at expanding the scope of satellite imagery materials application in Russia. Objective of the agreement is to develop and produce joint products and services on a contractual basis with the use of space-borne Earth remote sensing systems and other results of space activities to promote information and automation in achieving goals of social and economic development as well as those of civil security.

“Integration of resources and efforts of Russian leading participants of the Earth remotes sensing market will allow building a common information portal on the basis of the Space Services Center of “REKOD” corporation,” said Alexei Abrosimov, Head of Space Services Center of REKOD Corporation. The goal of the Center is the integration of spatial information and data and other important thematic information for the purpose of providing complex services to support decision-making on the basis of applying results of space activities. In the near future we plan to carry out joint operations in the framework of the Agreement in behalf of a number of certain regions and municipal formations.

The agreement between ScanEx RDC and “REKOD” Corporation will promote the bilateral cooperation in different areas:
— Development and introduction of monitoring systems and information and analytical systems including the systems for monitoring economic sectors, baseline social and economic indicators, critical facilities and dangerous goods.
— Establishment and development of automated systems for decision-making support.
— Creation of joint innovation and educational centres for development of space-based and other advanced technologies.
— Development of proposals for improving regulatory framework and regulatory technical documentation in application of space activity results.

“The bilateral Agreement for Cooperation shall promote development and introduction of Russian state-of-the-art space technologies in using satellite imagery for various applications,” said Vladimir Gershenzon, General Director of ScanEx RDC. “It is important that among the areas of the joint activities there are efforts to enhance the legal field in terms of the remote sensing.”

Source:  ScanEx