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Saving public money made innovative in UK

UK: GGP Systems has launched a cost saving innovation that gives councils the ability to save public money. The new GIS application is designed for local authorities that deliver a wide range of services and are struggling to reduce spending. The new application allows centralised ‘datastores’ to be employed. It cuts out data duplication and improves access to accurate and up to date information which results in operational efficiency.

The newly released GGP GIS software offers the ability to store complex layers of mapped information in an international standard format defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Being able to directly read from and write to spatial databases means information can be effectively shared between departments and other organisations, eliminating isolated data silos, reducing data duplicity and improving system interoperability, as well as enabling the joining up of diverse datasets to provide a richer information resource.

Centralisation of information is very important for councils looking to improve the way they spend their budget. Accurate and comprehensive geographic information allows councils to avoid unnecessary wastage of public money.

Source: TMC Net