Saudi Arabia’s MODON maps live now

Saudi Arabia’s MODON maps live now


Saudi Arabia: Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) launched MODON maps website. Users can get here geographical data as well. It is the largest data reference for factories in the Kingdom using GIS technology, the authority claims.

On this occasion, H.E the Director General of MODON, Dr. Tawfig Bin Fawzan Alrabiah announced that the authority has completed the first phase of the project to build GIS system for the industrial cities (MODON maps) and a special version was activated for MODON clients to include industrialists, website visitors, as well as investors enthusiastic to invest in the industrial cities. The system can be accessed through MODON website or directly through the following link:

MODON’s maps system aims to create a single reference for surveying layout of all industrial cities, controlling and identifying vacant and leased lands in the industrial cities, to be linked to the public network of roads, cities and others. It also aims at accurately identifying the area of each land, searching for and querying about information of factories, types of industry and investment. An internal version of the system is designed for MODON employees which contains information relating to land allocation procedures, enables MODON to automate the allocation processes through its website and provide service to its customers more effectively.

This version also allows MODON personnel to unify the work interface for maps and geographic applications in different branches and monitor all updates and changes in all the industrial cities and interact with them. In addition, this version will enable MODON employees issue reports on the status of land in the industrial cities by type of investment, financial payments, available land, evaluate the areas of factories as they appear on the ground, register and print maps in different shapes and sizes, as well as register and print detailed sketches of the allocated land, inquire about information of factories, type of industry and type of investment.

As well as, the numbering of lands, internal road network and the one surrounding the industrial cities and the nearby airports to be linked with satellite images.