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Saudi Arabia begins digital survey of cities

Saudi Arabia: The Ministry for Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Arabia, is conducting a far-reaching programme to survey cities and villages in remote areas. This comes at a time when the General Commission for Survey completed the geodetic database in Saudi Arabia. It established 13 stations to collect information. Moreover, it established a 600-point network, which has been linked to 95 points established by Military Survey Department to unify the database in the Kingdom.

In the seventh meeting of the directors of surveying and mapping secretariats in the Kingdom held in Ahsa, Muhammad bin Nasir Al Rajhi, undersecretary of the Ministry for Municipal and Rural Affairs revealed the tendency to “establish an information unit in each municipality to save and share all information to be used by the municipality.”

Al Rajhi said, “The ministry has carried out an aerial survey that covers all areas of the kingdom which is estimated by 300,000 kilometers”. He added, “The ministry has ambitious plans to carry out a digital aerial survey, to provide all the municipality with aerial images which are processed and corrected according to the unified database.”

Source: Zawya