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Satyam implements new GIS system

Satyam Computer Services Limited, a global consulting and IT services provider, has announced the successful implementation of a web-based geographical information system (WGIS) in ArcGIS platform. The system will be used for land management, planning and marketing by Singapore-based industrial development company JTC Corporation.

The new web-based GIS of Satyam replaces the existing GIS system, first implemented in 1993, that imported textual data and graphic information from related data sources to generate plans, maps and other graphical data and then stored in DGN (design) files for analysis. The previous work procedures used for allocating and parcelling of land would take around three days to complete. The parcelling of land under that system would become even more complex and time-consuming, when its customers changed their requirements leading to longer turnaround time.

In contrast, the new WGIS is readily accessible to all employees and easy to operate. This system will empower officers to undertake land parcelling and generate allocation plans for clients interactively, thereby reducing the turnaround time in servicing customers.