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‘Satloc’ Project launches satellite positioning for rail transport

Romania: The European GNSS Agency (GSA) highlighted the rail sector as the next new market for satellite navigation. The EU-funded Satloc project demonstrated satellite-based train control for low-traffic railways on the Brasov-Zarnesti line in Romania. The Satloc project is aimed at developing a reliable and competitive satellite-based rail transport operation and management system.

The Brasov region is one of the most economically dynamic in Romania and is home to one of the best Romanian universities. But the launch of the Satloc project has already been noted much farther afield. Barbu said that the project has received inquiries about the project from Europe but also from other countries around the world, including India, Australia and some African countries.

“We will show that GNSS-based train positioning and speed determination using EGNOS is compliant with current applications for train control and traffic management,” project coordinator George Barbu said. “And this, we believe, will make a big difference in the use of satellite navigation for rail in the long term.”

“By showing what these new satellite-based technologies can do,” explained Barbu, “especially EGNOS as a precursor and later Galileo, we hope to contribute to their adoption in the rail safety domain.”

Source: GSA