SatGuide now available for Symbian OS Phones

SatGuide now available for Symbian OS Phones


India – SatNav Technologies, the pioneers of GPS Technology in India, is now providing state of the art GPS turn-by-turn navigation software for all Symbian OS Mobile devices across the country.

Users who purchase the software can install the navigation software on any of the Symbian OS phones. SatGuide on all Symbian handsets is set to satisfy the increased demand for user-friendly location based services, with an array of exciting new functions.

Customers who wish to arm their Symbian operating system mobile phones with navigation capabilities can easily install the SatGuide software on to their current mobile devices and instantly start navigating using the device to find correct routes, ATMs, Hospitals, Medicine shops, cinema halls and other locations on their screen across the country. Those who do not have a GPS enabled phone, have the option of purchasing the GPS receiver separately. The software is priced at Rs. 1999 for all Symbian OS devices across the country. SatGuide is developed by using the Destinator GPS/navigation software provided by Intrinsyc Software International, Inc., one of the leaders in navigation software. The launch of this software is like looking through a keyhole into a room full of treasure for the users, as it provides them with a vast array of details.

SatGuide with the help of Destinator software on Symbian smartphones is a feature rich onboard client navigation device specifically designed to be implemented as a branded solution and enables skilled navigation to provide a compelling consumer navigation experience.

SatNav Technologies is leading the way by combining location with a series of value-added features. SatGuide for Symbian is designed to address the navigation technology for several million customers in India.

“SatGuide along with Destinator software now works across all the major operating systems for wireless devices, including Windows.” said Souheil Gallouzi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Products and Development, Intrinsyc. “We believe SatGuide on Destinator for Symbian unlocks a significant market opportunity with customers of Symbian OS smartphones which will result in deeper penetration of emerging markets where Intrinsyc can establish brand name recognition and customer loyalty along with SatNav Technologies.

We offer our partners the opportunity to generate revenue by reselling this software-only solution into their channels.”

The user can navigate in over 25 cities of various states and position themselves with various points of interest provided throughout each city.

The software is a one-time install unlike any of the 3-month trial package offered. On installing the software, the users are to only pay for the map up-gradation, which is provided once every quarter.

The maps are optimised on the appearance front as Day/Night modes, enhancing the viewing capabilities of the users irrespective of the time in the day. An additional feature of 2D and 3D mode makes navigation easy.

Commenting on this opportunity, Mr. Amit Prasad, Founder & MD of SatNav Technologies said, “The software upgrade of mobile device will be a cost effective transformation of a phone into a high end navigation device. Potential for navigation devices is increasing significantly every year, with over 19 million Symbian OS based handheld devices in the country we are confident that we will be able to tap a significant 7 % of the market. The launch of Symbian navigation software will be of immense help to those who does not want to invest extra money separately on navigation devices. The time is not far off where every citizen will have navigation software and will reach their destination without any hassle.”