Home News Satellite to track new toll motorway in UK city

Satellite to track new toll motorway in UK city

A toll motorway monitored by satellite tracking will be built in South Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government announced.

The 14-mile stretch of road around the south of Newport will be Britain’s second toll motorway. The project is to be completed within eight years, with much of the estimated £350 million cost being met by the private sector.

The toll is to be decided but ministers hope a satellite system will track road use and send drivers a monthly bill.

Motorists currently pay £2 a day to travel on the M6 toll section which opened last December. Andrew Davies, the Welsh transport minister, said the road would be vital to economic development. Environmental issues had been taken into account.

The new road will ease congestion around the Brynglas Tunnels where the motorway narrows to two lanes.