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Satellite to be launched to monitor Beijing

As part of a high-tech plan for the upcoming Olympic Game to be held in Beijing, in 2008 a small satellite will be launched in May 2005 to monitor Beijing’s venue construction, environment and traffic conditions through 2009. The satellite will be the fifth of the International Disaster Relief Network, which will have seven in total. The Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology will supervise the project. After being launched, the 100-kilogram satellite will orbit 600 kilometres above the Earth. It will work for five years in space and will orbit the Earth once every 100 minutes.

The satellite will scan the Earth’s surface through remote sensing techniques and the resolution ratio of remote sensing photos will be four metres. The satellite will provide direct and scientific proof for the government to make decisions and supervise issues related to environmental protection, urban construction, disasters and traffic conditions.
Furthermore, the construction of Olympic venues will be under control through the use of the satellite.