Satellite shows long trail of smoke over South America

Satellite shows long trail of smoke over South America


Brazil: The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite shows a long trail of smoke over Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, stretching about 2500 km. Due to the smoke, São Paulo city is experiencing the driest days of the year and a warmer winter. The relative humidity in the city of São Paulo reached 13%, equivalent to the northeastern jungle during drought. The temperature reached 31.7 ° C, according to the National Meteorological Institute (Inmet). It was the third consecutive day that the Civil Defense declared a state of alert in the city because of the dry air.

Most of the fire spots are concentrated in Bolivia, where the governments of two states had declared a state of emergency because of widespread fires three days earlier. The fires cloak the heart of South America in gray-white smoke. Spreading north and south along the east side of the Andes Mountains. The smoke closed 28 of Bolivia’s 39 airports, reported CNN.

While some fires do occur naturally in Bolivia, most of these fires were probably set deliberately to clear land for crops or pasture. August is the height of the dry fire season in the region. In 2010, however, unusually dry weather and winds allowed many land management fires to expand into dangerous large wildfires.

Source: & NASA