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Satellite pictures of the Olympics

Newly released satellite images provide remarkably detailed views of Salt Lake City, its Olympic venues, both in town and up in the mountains.

Images from the IKONOS satellite, owned by Space Imaging, peer down on the Olympics from 423 miles (681 kilometers) above, revealing details down to 3-feet (1 meter).

One photo shows the 2002 Olympic Village at the University of Utah and the Rice-Eccles Olympic Stadium, venue of the Opening Ceremony Feb. 8 and the Closing Ceremony Feb. 24. The stadium was recently expanded to seat a capacity of 56,000 people.

IKONOS also snapped close-up views of the nearby outdoor ski towns of Deer Park and Park City and the slopes above them. Park City will host downhill skiing, slalom, giant slalom, luge and snowboarding events. At Deer Valley, medals will be won in moguls, aerials and slalom events.

The IKONOS photos were taken Jan. 7.

NASA, too, is playing the Olympic image game.

To mark the 30th Anniversary of its Landsat program of Earth-observing satellites, the space agency released a host of images of the region, including some that paint the Salt Lake basin and its surrounding mountains in dramatic relief.

An animation generated by NASAprovides a birds-eye fly-over with colored pushpins that designate various Olympic event locations.