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Satellite market needs public-private partnership

Moscow, Russia: “Remote Sensing market has been expanding at quickened pace. Satellite imagery data, reception and processing technologies are improving. Issues of strengthening public and private partnership and of streamlined access to updated space images move to the foreground,” summed up ScanEx General Director Vladimir Gershenzon as the talk of the first day of the 5th international conference, Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions, in Moscow, Russia.

Special attention was paid by the conference participants to the issues of the RS market condition and to different aspects of government policy in this industry that is conducted by developed and developing countries. Thus, for example, according to Paulo Bezerra, MSS and GSI Director of MDA, there are no restrictions on distribution of RADARSAT-1/2 radar data in Canada from force agencies.

“A legal basis has been formed. We have been operating for 3.5 years with the Canadian government that clearly understands the perspectives of satellite images application. This is the efficiency indicator of our cooperation with the government,” stated Paulo Beserra.

According to Herve Buchwalter, Chairman of Spot Image, Astrium GEO-Information Services, if you do not launch new satellites than in 10 years you no longer “exist on the orbit”. In the nearest years SPOT 6/7 satellites are to be launched (resolution 1.5 m) and Pleiades (resolution 0.5 m).

Head of the Yandex company Content-Services Department Andrei Strelkov said, “Eight percent of our audience uses satellite images as underlayer. This is approximately 200 000 unique users per day. That said, users, waiting for maximum effect of the images, practically ignore the medium resolution data.”

Yandex company is about to continue foreign expansion, purchasing satellite images of the territory of other countries. Within the frames of the two-year contract with ScanEx RDC (2010-2011) the Yandex.Maps service has already received highly detailed IKONOS data over the territory of around 1.5 million square kilometres.

Source: ScanEx