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Satellite mapping of buildings to update land records

India: With an eye on the Master Plan Delhi 2021, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has embarked on a project to prepare digital maps of its land.

The land acquired by DDA in the Capital is spread over an area of more than 70,000 acres of which a substantial area still faces the problem of encroachments. The face of Delhi has changed drastically in the last few decades but is not reflected in the aged land records of the authority.

Therefore, to get a clearer picture of the land under its control, DDA is now going to digitise its land records and collate it with the updated Google maps. A laboratory has been established at the DDA headquarter Vikas Sadan by its systems department and the work has been started.

“Latest satellite images will help us in getting a fair idea of the ground conditions on the land that belongs to us but is spread across the city,” said a senior DDA official who didn”t wish to be named. “This will help us to focus on all land development based on ground realities instead of old records,” he said.

DDA feels that apart from tackling unauthorised construction, better maps will help it in finding out which areas need better facilities. The maps will also give information of the availability of small pockets of land in already developed areas which can be used for creating residential facilities.

“Also, with the master plan being amended and so many suggestions to look at, it is better to have a clear idea of the city”s topography instead of making plans on paper,” he said. “Satellite-based images would help us in doing micro study of each area and focus on site-specific development,” he added.

Source: HT