Satellite images to help map private forests in India

Satellite images to help map private forests in India


Panaji, India: The North and South Goa committees formed as per a 2009 directive of the high court of Bombay at Goa to identify the balance of private forests other than the ones already marked, have at a recent meeting, decided to consider the use of satellite imagery in view of the exhaustive field work involved in the whole exercise.

The purpose of the committees is to identify the balance areas of private forests in North Goa district and South Goa district that have not been covered by the Sawant Committee Report and the Karapurkar Committee Report.

“The images can be super imposed with Goa’s maps and from the green areas on the satellite images we can separate government forests and already identified private forests,” an official from the forest department said. The remaining green areas on the satellite maps will then be verified on field.

The committees have been asked by the high court to individually locate the identified private forests on ground, survey them, verify and confirm their forest nature and extent, plot them on map and then incorporate them in the plan of the respective survey numbers.

The committee has to submit the detailed reports along with the plans/maps of the identified private forests to the high court within a period of two years.

Source: TOI