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Satellite images show North Pole is melting

Toronto, Canada, 1 January 2007 – The North Pole is melting. According to scientists, another sheet of ice has broken free from an island south of the North Pole. This discovery was possible through satellite imagery.

In 2004, forty-one square miles of the Ayles Ice Shelf separated from Ellesmere Island. This shelf is one of six that still remains in Canada’s Arctic, filled with ice over 3,000 years old.

Due to the global warming, the ice shelves are weakened and therefore break away and form small islands. And with the coming spring and warming temperatures, more ice may break loose. These ice islands are hazardous to ships that cruise the icy waters.

The effects of global warming have been greater in North America and Eurasia, temperatures rising about six degrees Celsius since the 19th Century, mostly due to 1997-98’s El Nino. Though El Nino is not caused by global warming, the weather phenomenon can become more frequent due to warmer temperatures. And these warming temperatures may be directly linked to global warming.