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Satellite Imagery Shows Extensive Flooding in Dresden, Germany

Aug. 20, 2002 – Space Imaging has released a high-resolution IKONOS satellite image of extensive flooding in Dresden in eastern Germany. The image was taken on Aug. 18, 2002. According to reports, this is the worst flooding in Europe in 150 years.

The four-meter resolution IKONOS satellite image of Dresden shows an overview of the flooding along the Elbe River. The overview image shows the swollen river and flooded banks as it winds through downtown Dresden and surrounding areas.

The one-meter resolution IKONOS satellite image pinpoints the Elbe River and the historical center of Dresden, including the world-famous Zwinger museum along the south bank of the river. The image shows standing water surrounding buildings, streets and other structures. Also visible is the turbulence of the river and engulfed trees along the shoreline.

Imagery collected after severe flooding can be used during a crisis to assist emergency response agencies with planning evacuations, organizing recovery operations, establishing relief centers and overall damage assessment. The 1600-pound IKONOS satellite travels 423 miles above the Earth’s surface at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour. It’s the world’s first commercial high-resolution remote sensing satellite and can see objects on the ground as small as one-meter square. IKONOS has collected more than 800,000 images of the earth’s landmass, representing imagery over every continent.

The image is being provided at no charge to the media and may be used in print, broadcast and Web. The images may be rotated for better viewing. Currently, the images are north up.