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Satellite Imagery Shows Colorado Hayman Forest Fire Spares Lost Valley Ranch

This high-resolution IKONOS satellite image of the Lost Valley Ranch, about a two-hour drive south-southwest of Denver, was taken by Space Imaging’s IKONOS satellite. The image shows how the Hayman Fire, burning in Pike National Forest 35 miles south of Denver, charred and burned the vegetation around the 600-acre dude ranch but spared the ranch itself. Since this is a false-color image, the reddish colored areas are an indication of healthy, unburned vegetation. Visible is healthy vegetation along the Goose Creek that flows through the middle of the ranch. The image shows water in the swimming pool, tennis courts and shows that none of the main buildings have been damaged. According to the ranch owners, Bob and Karen Foster, only two small structures were destroyed, the home of the chef and a small storage building.

The 1600-pound IKONOS satellite travels 423 miles above the Earth’s surface at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour. It’s the world’s first commercial high-resolution remote sensing satellite and can see objects on the ground as small as one-meter square. As of this month Space Imaging has collected more than 800,000 images of the earth’s landmass, representing imagery over every continent.

The image is being provided at no charge to the media and may be used in print, broadcast and Web. Mandatory photo credit must be given to “Space Imaging.”

The 300-dpi resolution color image and may be downloaded from Space Imaging’s Web site at: https://www.spaceimaging.com