GeoWrap: Satellite imagery shows Mosul in ruins; Microsoft’s indoor navigation app and...

GeoWrap: Satellite imagery shows Mosul in ruins; Microsoft’s indoor navigation app and more


Talend accelerates Big Data pipeline development for Microsoft Azure

US: Cloud and big data solutions provider Talend has a new set of connectors for Talend Data Fabric to provide customers with accelerated data migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud. The new Talend Data Fabric connectors are intended to enable customers…(Read here)

Former Rolta COO joins ADCC as its Vice Chairman

India: Former Rolta COO Atul Dev Tayal has joined ADCC as its Vice Chairman today. Tayal will also be a Member of Board of Directors, and Senior Managing Director of ADCC. Having a rich experience of thirty years, he will be looking over all company operations…(Read here)

Aireon signs MoU with Saudi Air Navigation Services

Saudi Arabia: Space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) company Aireon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS), Saudi Arabia’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP),…(Read here)

Microsoft develops Path Guide app to solve indoor navigation problems

US: Microsoft Research is working to develop a new app called Path Guide, which is expected to solve the problem of indoor navigation. To understand this, indoor navigation is needed when you get inside a building for example a shopping mall or a train station, and you’re often left scrambled…(Read here)

Emoji map by Europa Technologies wins Most Unique award at Esri UC

US: An emoji map of San Diego has won the “Most Unique” map award at the Esri User Conference. Featuring 48,400 emoji, the original map from Europa Technologies was a popular exhibit at the major GIS event which this year drew almost 18,000 attendees…(Read here)


Microsoft launches Path Guide for easy, low-cost indoor navigation

How do navigate inside a building where GPS can’t reach? The answer is indoor positioning. This is an area that has proved to be trickier than earlier thought, with companies across the spectrum pouring in money to come up with innovative solutions and better indoor maps…(Read here)

Satellite imagery reveals the devastation of Mosul post ISIS ouster

After Mosul was taken over by ISIS in 2016, the vital parts of Iraq’s second-largest city is now in ruins. The images were captured by DigitalGlobe’s satellite in November 2015 and July 2017, reveal the magnitude of damage Mosul has faced after it was taken over by Islamic State…(Read here)


Policy Watch: Why is it important for your business?

Importance of Policy Watch: Ever wondered about the latest developments in geospatial policies around the world?
Are you looking for a platform that distils complex details of a geospatial policy and takes you straight to the issue?
Now you have a platform that brings the analysis, closer look, and expert opinions- All in one small package…(See here)

Beautiful Images sent by Cartosat-2 Series Satellite

ISRO successfully launched its CartoSat 2 series satellite using its trusted PSLV C-38 launcher on June 22nd. The Cartosat series earth- observation satellites are aimed towards collecting information. It was launched into a polar sun orbit at 505 km altitude. This remote sensing satellites objective is to providing high-resolution scene specific spot imagery…(See here)