Home News Satellite imagery reveals nuclear site cleanup in Iran

Satellite imagery reveals nuclear site cleanup in Iran

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr. Courtesy: Burr senateIran: An analysis of satellite imagery is suggesting that Iran may have tried to sanitise its military experiments site in the wake of a landmark nuclear deal with the United States. A Washington-based think-tank called the Institute for Science and International Security, or ISIS, has studied commercial satellite images taken on July 12, 19, and 26 in Iran. The group discovered renewed activity at a site at the Parchin military complex. This area has been linked to high explosive work on nuclear weapons in the past. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said that it’s a matter of ‘huge’ concern. He said that it’s up to the administration to draw their conclusions. But, since the development has been verified by commercial satellite imagery, he hoped that the administration will speak on the matter. The Iranian mission to the United Nations issued a statement in response. It said that the claims were baseless and that the heavy construction machinery seen in the area was there to repair the roads. This again prompted ISIS to release a counter-statement, in which it explained how a study of satellite imagery does not reveal any visible signatures related to road work. Congress is expected to vote on the Iran deal next month.

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