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Satellite imagery reveals devastation in Kobani

Syria, October 22, 2014: Following violence in the Syrian town of Kobani, UNITAR/UNOSAT published a report that provides an overview of the situation. Satellite imagery collected by GeoEye-1 and WorldView-2 between 6 September and 15 October 2014 were reviewed and compared for indicators of damage and destruction, as well as signs of ongoing fighting such as fortifications, active fires, and craters.

Analysis revealed widespread damage consisting of many destroyed and severely damaged structures. Craters resulting from munitions impacts were also identified, as were roadblocks and a significant absence of vehicle traffic. Additionally, trenches and fortified fighting lines were detected on the eastern side of Kobani.

Despite the absence of vehicular circulation within the town, hundreds of vehicles were visible on the Syrian side of border crossing points with Turkey. A newly created refugee camp on the Turkish side of the border was also identified.

While the report is informative, the analysis is not comprehensive as the satellite imagery utilised featured significant cloud cover.