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Satellite imagery maps for conservation of U.K.

Conservation of Cayman’s rich environmental diversity for future generations received a hefty boost recently with the official launch of the Cayman Islands Darwin Project. Funded by a six–figure UK Government grant, the project includes creating satellite imagery maps of the Islands’ physical features that will be used as baseline information.
There are three main components of the CI Darwin project. The first is the creation of habitat maps for the marine and terrestrial environments using a combination of remote sensing and biological survey techniques. Additionally, the maps will help project personnel draw inferences about the extent of habitat lost to development and Hurricane Ivan, and use the information to monitor the rate of natural recovery. Second, the project will aid the development of a biodiversity action plan for the Cayman Islands outlining a specific set of actions that need to be taken to preserve the diversity of life on the Islands.
Third, funding from the Darwin project will be used to provide public education and outreach.