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Satellite Imageries help to locate and map mass graves

This week the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) presented at the site of the “Cancari Road 10” mass grave, near Zvornik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina results of the multidisciplinary study on new methods of locating and mapping mass graves. The project is aimed at helping researchers discover the remaining hidden mass grave by combining satellite imagery and soil resilience techniques. The study is a result of research by joint teams of satellite imagery experts, geology experts and forensic archaeologists from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Professor John Hunter of Britain’s University of Birmingham said that this combined system makes possible the easy discovery of mass graves and maximally reduces the possibility of destroying evidence of their existence. He explained that the use of this combined system can precisely provide a model of the grave location type without moving ground or disturbing the remains. The use of this method at the “Cancari Road 10” site has discovered 13 mass graves. All graves have similar features and how many victims they conceal, mostly those from Srebrenica, will be discovered once they are opened.