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Satellite finds Kola Bay heavily polluted

Russia: The Kola Bay in the Barents Sea, located on the north-western territory of the Russian Federation, is heavily polluted by petroleum products. Satellite-based monitoring of the Kola Bay depicted oil slicks on 60 percent of images in the second half-year period of 2011. ScanEx RDC specialists conducted real-time reception and analysis of space imagery data.

Starting in July and till December 2011, 46 sessions of the Kola Bay satellite imagery were conducted using RADARSAT-1 satellite. On 28 images slicks were detected – probable oil spills. The pollution sources are enterprises of the Defense and Transportation Ministries, and those of utility companies, operating within the water protection zone of the western and eastern coast line of the Kola Bay that engage in discharge of industrial and waste waters, explained Nataly Rybchak, Murmansk Region EMERCOM (Russian Emergency Situations Ministry) Department’s Monitoring and Forecasting Center Head.

According to the Kola Bay satellite-based monitoring results of 2011 an integral map of water area pollution was drawn up. It clearly depicted two principal pollution zones: near the town of Severomorsk and at the outlet of the Kola Bay.

Source: ScanEx