Satellite detects illegal constructions

Satellite detects illegal constructions


Argentina: The software developed by Municipality of Tigre in Argentina has detected 70 industries which have violated property rules. The software uses satellite images to identify tax evaders and underground constructions. Mayor Sergio Massa said that the software has helped track violators in about 8,00,000 square meters, equivalent to 8000 buildings. They have been fined and asked to make necessary changes in the property in 180 days, as per the law.

Massa added, “In addition, we are conducting inspections along with Unión Obrera de la Construcción de la República Argentina (UOCRA) to check illegal work.”

The software matches tax information from taxpayers with satellite images and detects tax evaders and underground constructions. The data collected is then compared with the existing data in the municipal land records. So far, due to this innovative technique, the amount to be recovered by the municipality in the form of fines is about 14 million dollars.

The Municipality of Tigre has received the 2010 SAG award. The award recognises innovative uses of GIS and the contribution being made by the organisations from different countries to the global society.