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Satellite data reveals huge crop loss in Nigeria

Nigeria: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, has disclosed an estimated production loss of 1.2 million metric tonnes of crops to the recent flood that swept through some states of the federation. Adesina said the estimated crop loss affected was 1.17 per cent of the total cultivated crop area in the country.

He said that this was the result from the satellite imagery and remote sensing data of International Water Management Institute, the world’s leading centre for water management and issues of flood engaged by the government.

The government, he said, was determined to know “the extent of the flood; the extent of the inundation and how soon the flood water will recede for us to carefully plan our post-flood food production strategy. They also used satellite images to measure crop land under inundation to determine crop loss estimates”, the minister added.

According to him, “These satellites, remote sensing and vegetation data are the most rigorous and reliable ways to determine extent of flooding and crop losses. They showed that there is a big divergence between the areas flooded and crop loss”.

“Even at the peak flood period of October 12-13, which one would expect for maximum crop loss, their estimates showed that the total flooded area was 1.4 million ha. The estimated area for crop loss was 467,000 ha.”

Adesina informed that a detailed breakdown of the satellite imagery and remote sensing analysis, based on vegetation data, showed that 12 states were worst affected by the flood, with Taraba which has a total of 256,800 ha flooded, with estimated crop loss on 106,400 ha.

Source: This Day Live