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Satellite Data providers ConstellR and ScanWorld sign partnership for high-value agriculture data

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Satellite data providers ConstellR and ScanWorld are set to combine their respective thermal infrared and hyperspectral imagery expertise to deliver high-value Earth Observation data to enable a wide range of sustainable agricultural applications.

Based in Germany, ConstellR is pioneering the use of thermal infrared imagery for high-precision agriculture, crop health monitoring and sustainable resource management. Using surface temperature as the key indicator, this data uses evapotranspiration as a fundamental measure of crop water need; critical for irrigation and yield monitoring. Critically, this data allows farmers to mitigate potential crop losses long before irreversible damage occurs.

ConstellRs thermal infrared imagery top offers an infinitely deeper measure of planetary health.

Belgium-based ScanWorld is leveraging hyperspectral imaging to collect data from across the electromagnetic spectrum. This technique allows the detection of very small changes in plant physiology, allowing measurement of proteins and identification of diseases to support worldwide agriculture and forestry management.

The synergy between these two essential earth observation data sources therefore helps deliver new, actionable insights and encourages a more efficient use of resources and increased sustainability in the sector.

ScanWorlds hyperspectral imaging allows limitless identification of objects via their electromagnetic fingerprint.

The Memorandum of Understanding between ConstellR and ScanWorld will include work on the harmonization and interoperability of data products, development of joint data products and services, as well as the potential for entering into joint commercial projects.

The partnership also ensures future interoperability with existing programs. “This partnership increases our complementarity with large institutional missions such as the Copernicus program in Europe or the Surface Biology and Geology System at NASA in the United States”, says Max Gulde, CEO of ConstellR, “thus enabling us to deliver an even better service to our customers in agriculture and beyond. In fact, I believe that what we are building here will be a game changer for all ESG related monitoring activities and enable a global quantification of key metrics with unprecedented accuracy, precision, and timeliness.”